Why You Should Set Up Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactics

Facebook Messenger is one of the most powerful tools on social media network that all the businesses include in their marketing campaigns to entice their clients. Until some time ago, most of the professionals used only email marketing for engaging their customers. That is because communication through emails was the only means of interaction with your prospective client at that time. Of course, email marketing proved extremely beneficial for many merchants in those days, the scenario has now undergone a massive change. Nowadays, people do not spend as much time on emails or hangouts. Rather they are more engaged in messaging on apps like Facebook Messenger. That is why digital marketing experts now plan their strategies keeping the response on Facebook in mind.

Why Is Facebook Messenger Better Than Email Marketing?

With the help of Facebook Messenger marketing, it is possible for your clients to connect with their customers all through the customer journey. Some of the major benefits of sending messages through this medium include higher and open rates as compared to the emails and communications with automation option. When you send a notification on the email it can be abandoned under cart notifications in the inbox of the email which already has lots of distractions and noise. With the help of Facebook Messenger, it is possible to send your customers to push notifications that lead to vibration of their phones. The platform does not need a human to help a customer find what they are looking for. Instead, you can ensure that the customers find what they want through the automated process on Facebook Messenger.

Impact Of Facebook Messenger Marketing On Customer Journey

Facebook Messenger marketing can make a positive impact on the customer journey. Most of the customers are now on Facebook. A study says that more than 1.3 billion people nowadays use Facebook Messenger every month and the number continues to grow very fast. What does it indicate? It means that businesses of today cannot ignore the impact of this social media platform and the Messenger app as it is an incredibly valuable channel that deserves to be paid due attention. And the entire digital marketing world, as well as the tech-savvy business houses, has understood its significance which is why the majority of merchants now use apps for running Facebook Messenger automation. It helps them to communicate more effectively and quickly with the customers. There are many businesses that have reported an increase in their online revenue just by leveraging abandoned cart messages using Facebook Messenger. Just as the multiple email automation flows are extremely valuable to your esteemed clients similarly there is multiple Facebook Messenger automation flow that your clients must start using. Here are some of the applications of Facebook Messenger that businesses must use to start deriving benefit:

1. Pushing Customers With Abandoned Cart Messages Towards Sales Funnel

Many times a customer adds a product to his cart with the intention of buying and for some reason or the other does not complete the purchase. To push such a customer who has already made half of his mind to buy your product, businesses can set up Facebook Messenger that automatically sends such customers reminder message. The message asks these people whether they would like to complete their purchase or have any questions. Most of the customers return to the website either to complete their purchase or at least to check the products again which indicates that the process is not stopped but is continuous. Studies show that with the help of Facebook Messenger businesses are now converting 1 out of 9 abandoned cart messages into sales. It is one of the biggest reasons why people are now shifting towards Facebook Messenger instead of email marketing. With the help of abandoned cart messages, merchants can communicate in a better way with the potential customers and develop a strong relationship with them.

2. Sending Receipt Messages To Customers

Facebook Messenger can also be set up for sending an order receipt to the customer after they have completed the purchase formalities. You can use this as a good opportunity for sending a special thank you to the customers or an acknowledgment for trusting you so that the customers are encouraged to take this association further. Sending receipt messages is one way of doing something personal or getting in touch with the customers so that you can form a strong relationship with your customer.

3. Tracking Order Or Shipping Messages

Once the product has departed your station, sending a shipping message is one way of keeping the customer in the loop of the happenings. In this way, he is able to quickly track down the order and also his trust in you grows manifold due to a prompt reply. It really seems very simple, but when a customer continues to get up-to-date information about his purchases he naturally gets impressed and starts trusting you more. These simple actions can increase the number of your loyal customers.

4. Greeting Customers Online

It’s customary for a salesperson to greet the customers the moment they walk-in the stores. The same formalities should be followed when a visitor comes to your website. Facebook Messenger automatically greets your customers the moment he comes to your site. You can set up the automation of this app in such a way that the moment the visitor replies, the automated version asks him what they are looking for or how it can help him.
Such quick replies and responses make the customers feel that you take good care of the visitors and support them thereby improving their overall experience. It also encourages them to visit your website repeatedly. There are certainly other tools like product discovery conversation tool that is highly useful for the businesses that have a large number of products. You can implement this product finder conversation tool with the help of Facebook Messenger that automatically asks a series of questions to the customer and recommends a product that matches their interest or requirement. Software that you can utilize to reach hundreds of customers at one time very efficiently is something which can help you garner a lot of attention and business. A tool that sends bulk messages in a very short time not only saves your time but it also ensures that you reach your target audience very fast.