Why Messenger Marketing Is the Best Way to Build Customer-Business Relationship

Technology is the new way of developing a customer-business relationship and most of it is being carried out on messaging apps where business houses can eagerly offer the customer service at lightning-fast speed for driving their sales. Incidentally, a study recently stated that in the coming two years 85% of customer-business relationships will be developed with the help of technology. Not surprisingly, so many businesses are now trying to perfect their messenger marketing strategy. Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest messaging platforms with over 1.3 billion monthly users. But naturally it plays a key role in building a customer-business relationship. Such platforms are trending on the social media and are being used as the latest most effective weapons for social media marketing as they allow the business owners to reach out to the customers on a massive scale through paid advertisements. Importantly, the app ensures that the customers and the business representatives continue to maintain the connection and interact with each of them on a one-to-one basis.

Using Facebook Messenger Tools For Business

Facebook Messenger has lots of tools that can help business owners to manage and control different threads on its Facebook page. Customizable Messenger Greetings appear automatically whenever a user starts a conversation for the first time for a business. Similarly, Instant Replies also works automatically and responds to anyone who forwards a business message. It is also possible to program such messages or the messages that appear immediately after Greetings or Instant Replies. You can also program Saved Replies with common answers to regular questions like contact information and business hours. But the highlighting feature of Facebook Messenger is Customer cards that provide the business key information about a particular customer who is available so that the representative can come out with a perfect response. With the help of this exclusive Messenger service, it is possible to find information such as the location of the customer, order history and local time.

Benefits Of Using Facebook Messenger For Business

This app from Facebook is quite flexible which is why it is possible for small businesses to use it in multiple and varied ways. Most importantly, Facebook Messenger makes customer service more personalized as well as streamlined for the customers thus offering immense opportunities for increasing revenue. It is a proven fact that almost 56% of consumers like to get in touch with the customer service representative through messaging instead of making a call to a call center.
One of the greatest benefits of using the Messenger app is that almost all the issues are resolved in less than 42 seconds. When a customer gets such a quick service he is bound to get back to you and it becomes easier for a company to impress as well as retain customers. The inclination of customers is quite clear from the fact that around 53% of people like to approach businesses to whom they can message directly. It makes having a Facebook account and an active Messenger platform for all the business a top priority. Make sure that you let your consumers know the exact time when you are going to be available online and answer their questions. It is because waiting for a long time to get a response can frustrate your customers. For small businesses that are looking to get more business in a low advertising budget, Facebook Messenger is the much-wanted solution offering a great opportunity. Instead of creating pushy or salesy ads, it is better to focus on creating an ad that is friendly and natural. The ad should mention different benefits and reasons why users must buy your product in a conversational tone which will keep them hooked and encourage them to continue the communication on Messenger.

Click-To Messenger Ads-Types And Uses

These ads can be easily placed on Instagram, Facebook and also directly on the Messenger home screen. The Messenger icon accompanies your advertisement irrespective of whether the ad is in the form of a video, an image or in the carousel format. The best ‘Call-To-Action” buttons that you can use to support such ads are “Send a Message,” or “Learn More.” The Facebook Messenger also offers businesses with an option to create a greeting while creating an ad. Whenever a user clicks on the ad, it will lead to opening up of a Messenger conversation with your business. If you have created or designed a particular message, then the user will see it first. Or else users are provided with the message about how to proceed further with Messenger. Facebook also makes it possible for businesses to place the ads directly on the home screen of mobile Messenger. In the case, consumers click on the ad they are automatically directed towards the landing page that a company has chosen or a Messenger conversation connected with the business. Another type of ads is sponsored messages on the Messenger platform. These ads can be effectively used to re-engage previous customers or the users on Facebook that have interacted previously with your business representative. Sponsored messages are diverted towards the existing threads which are why they are just a perfect fit for the last-minute sale updates and reminders.

Building Relationships With Customers Using Messenger App In Future

The technologies will continue to develop and will come up with more and even better opportunities for small businesses for taking advantage of marketing through Facebook Messenger. As of now, there are 10,000 chatbots that can be used on Messenger. You can use these chatbots in various forms. They act as personal assistant utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology similar to M assistant from Facebook. M performs various tasks such as helping you call a cab like Uber or Lyft or reminding you birthdays of your near ones or even business associates. So, there is no dearth to the number of benefits a Facebook Messenger can provide in growing your business. Irrespective of the fact whether your business is small or big, if you incorporate this app in your business marketing strategy it is sure to deliver the right results and contribute in building a strong customer and business relationship. You can benefit a lot by using bulk messaging app that quickly delivers all your messages to multiple sites and ensures a positive response.