Why Facebook Advertising Is Good for Your Business

In the last few years, there has been a revolutionary rise in the number of apps and messaging tools. From Instagram, Pinterest to Whatsapp and Twitter generation of today use most of these apps for staying connected and aware. Even then Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is still at the top and is the largest social network in the world. Despite all the growing competition, Facebook even now is the most attractive online marketing hub for all the businesses. The presence of 40 million small business Facebook pages is proof of the platform’s popularity and effectiveness as a marketing hub. Corporate houses and organizations all appreciate Facebook as a marketing tool because of its rich features, consistent innovation, and easy-to-use.

Impressive Facebook Facts

  • Facebook has 1.8 billion active users
  • 1.2 billion people use Facebook apps every day
  • More than 1 billion users actively use Facebook Messenger
  • Of all the social network sites, Facebook drives the most traffic to the websites
  • On an average, every user spends around 50 minutes on Facebook each day
  • 38.6% population of the world is a Facebook user Facebook offers a family of apps which is constantly growing in number thereby offering lots of room for innovation. In other words, it is a complete marketing bundle. Most of the social network platforms currently are serving certain important purposes and certainly doing great. However, Facebook continues to maintain its image as the social platform leader through consistent evolution and ease of use which is why users keep on coming back. Another great change has been introduced by Smartphone. Facebook leadership has also been prioritized by accessibility to mobile. Most of the people nowadays access Facebook on their mobile devices which mean that the social media platform is always with them or rather they carry it always in their pocket or purse. Also, Facebook has always maintained interest by consistently coming up with new features that appeal to businesses. The journey of Facebook has been amazing if you look back to the times when Mark Zuckerberg and team launched it. The man is the pioneer of online innovation and ensures that Facebook continues to lead and provide ample scope to the businesses to grow by marketing aggressively on this platform.

Options That Make Facebook Good For Business

Facebook offers so many options that make it just ideal for business marketing. Check out a few:

Facebook Pages

This is one of the major hubs for marketing on Facebook. The platform has done a massive work so that it can offer a customizable online marketing toolbox to organizations interested in marketing their products online. Review capture, community, and the new sections like Services and Shops merge to serve as social assets and open up lots of possibilities.

Facebook Groups

A Facebook Group is a sort of gathering of people with similar interest. People spend a lot of time on these groups, post their comments and likes and engage in interaction. Over the years, Facebook has evolved the functions and features of the ‘Group’ quite nicely and it has grown as one of the ideal mediums for Sales Groups to let members exchange items and money. It seems that Facebook was inspired by these actions to come up with payment features in its Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger

It is one of the best mediums for conducting a private conversation on the desktop as well as mobile. Earlier it was just a communication medium between the two people. Now it can be used even as a communication platform among friends in a small group. People share photos, stickers, gifs, conversation, files, and even exchange money through this medium. The messenger feature of Facebook Pages offer lots of customizable features for brands that use it to send messages to its customers.

Live Video

With Live Video feature Facebook has encouraged better and skillful communication through its platform. Zuckerberg and team have really made a huge investment in this feature. Importantly, personal and business brands have also ensured that they reap the maximum benefits of this feature and have invested big time in Live Video. Statistics indicate that the feature attracts 4 to 7 times more engagement than the normal Facebook posts. Sometimes the engagement is even 10 times more.

Facebook For Work (Workplace)

Most of the companies blocked their workers from using Facebook on their computers when it was the beginning of social networking. Some companies’ HR manuals even included social media policies stopping Facebook usage during the official working hours. To ensure that Facebook continues to be a part of the work of employees in all the organizations, the platform came up with a specific feature for companies so that they can readily collaborate with Facebook and get things done in the office. It can include contractors, key personnel who will gear the work towards productivity.

Advertising On Facebook

Facebook advertising is quite different from traditional advertising. It is not about creating a copy, printing it on a page and then sending it to the people with the hope that they will respond. Facebook ads are much more effective. The social network platform gives you the exact number of people who have seen the ads and the exact information about these people including their age, address, interests, and gender. With such a lot of information, businesses can create an effective advertisement for its target audience which is much more accurate than the traditional mode of advertising. Also, the rich data that Facebook offers ensures that the advertisement delivers the expected results. There is so much for everyone on Facebook which is why most of the people keep on coming back every day to this platform. For the users, the attraction is the news feed whereas for the marketers it is the marketing toolbox that keeps introducing better and unique features. This platform is user-friendly and is the most popular among all. To derive maximum benefit of Facebook marketing you can try sending bulk messages to the target audience quickly with the help of a dedicated tool or software. It is sure to give you quick results.