Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Facebook has introduced so many breakthroughs when it comes to connecting and communicating online. However, one of the most useful and beneficial launches from Facebook is advertising which not only provides benefits to the social media giant but is equally advantageous for the companies that use them. Just as Facebook earns a lot of revenue through paid ads similarly, the businesses can double their revenue simply by advertising on this platform. So, the benefits of Facebook advertising are immense. Here are the top 10 benefits of Facebook advertising:

1. You Meet Most Of Your Customers On Facebook

It is a proven fact that 85% of internet users have a Facebook account. Even 65% of people who are above the age of 65 years of age use this social media platform. As of now, around 1.85 billion users are on Facebook. What does it indicate? It means that most of your customers use Facebook which makes it the ideal platform for getting in contact with your target audience. Importantly, almost everyone checks their Facebook Page multiple times a day. Irrespective of the type of business you do or the type of customers you have, the majority of them are on Facebook which somehow guarantees that an advertisement on this platform is sure to catch their attention.

2. Most Targeted Form Of Advertising

One of the major benefits of Facebook advertising is that it can reach your exact consumer-base. It is possible to advertise to people by interests, age, location, and behavior. If a business person knows his customers very well then they can engage them using Facebook advertising.

It is one of the most effective ways of advertising and you can reach 1000 people by spending just $5. If such a low price can give you wide exposure then there is no sense in spending more amounts on television commercials, radio ads, billboards, and other traditional media for reaching the same audience.

3. Fast Advertising

Facebook advertising can reach an audience very fast and drive immediate results. Once the advertisements start you can reach thousands of people every day. That is why many people consider it as one of the fastest ways of driving traffic and conversions. Facebook advertising, when implemented with proper strategy, can surely double your revenue in a very short time.

4. Brand Awareness Increases With Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is sure to build your brand awareness and it makes people aware of what you are offering. You can ensure that your brand becomes familiar with your target audience with Facebook advertising so that they are just tempted to purchase your products when they want to take a decision.

5. Rise In Website Traffic

The one thing that you will notice immediately after starting advertising on Facebook is an increase in the traffic to your website. One of the best options is to start a website click campaign to introduce your brand to your target audience and direct them to your website. Of course, there are other online ways to drive traffic to your website. However, the cost-effectiveness and precision with which Facebook advertising accomplishes the task are much more beneficial as compared to other sources.

6. It increases Revenue, Sales, And Leads

The results that Facebook advertising gives are not a myth. It really increases revenue, sales, and leads. However, you should understand that it is not possible to get such a tremendous response without a proper strategy, expertise, and experience. You can waste thousands of dollars and still may not get a return on your investment. To get expected results, you must hire a Facebook advertising specialist.

7. You Can Measure Success Of Facebook

The best fact about Facebook advertising is that you can measure its results as the numbers give out all the details. You can see for yourself the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions that you receive. For tracking conversions, you will have to install conversion pixels on the website which will track the activity. A professional Facebook advertising specialist will surely help you with all the necessary formalities.

8. Increasing Customer Attribution

It is a proven fact that the more a message or an image is hammered on the audience, the more they will remember it when they are on the verge of taking a decision. Facebook advertising does exactly that by increasing the number of times your consumer sees your brand or customer attribution. The more time your message will interact with the audience the more likely they are to become your consumer. With the help of Facebook advertising, it is possible to increase your meeting/interaction possibilities with your audience thereby leading to more conversions.

9. Facebook Advertising Alone Can Do The Job

Even though advertising on Facebook is very cheap, it still works for all the businesses. Importantly, it also reduces acquisition cost because you can cut down a few of the other expensive advertising campaigns that you are running and thus reduce the acquisition costs.

Facebook advertising not only helps your brand reach online clients but also drives offline sales too. When your advertising starts on Facebook Page, you will find that the in-store traffic has also increased. These people see the ad on your company’s website, Facebook account and then visit your offline store if they are convinced of your quality.

10. Engage With Facebook Advertising

Remarketing is one of the most effective weapons adopted by digital marketing companies. For example, you just visited a website some time ago and shortly after you will see their Facebook ads on the pages you are browsing. It is the advertising tactic that helps you to take the acquaintance of your brand with the website visitor a bit further. It also means that if a person visits your website and leaves without adding anything to his card, you can use Facebook advertising to re-engage him. It dramatically increases the overall conversions.

Facebook advertising can help you get repeat business from the customers who already have purchased products from you in the past. It is possible to import the emails of your customers into your campaign of Facebook advertising by using the audiences feature on the platform. It allows you to advertise your product directly to the audience who is most likely to invest in your product. Hence, it is possible to increase your revenue and sales with the help of Facebook advertising. One of the biggest ways of advertising on this social network platform is by sending bulk messages. With the help of specialized tools, you can send bulk messages to the target audience very quickly and get desired response.