Specific Words to Avoid in E-Mail Marketing

Nowadays, E-mail marketing have become a very big means of reaching consumer, since many big marketers have found their interest in the means of strategic way of advertising products and service it has also become a general way for both worthwhile services are being spread. In the light of this, the internet service providers have also improvise means of maintaining securities and privacy of their users. Therefore, those policies formulated tends to reduce the efficiency of marketing through email.

One of the numerous hindrances that ensures the reduction in the effectiveness of email marketing is filtering and flagging of some words. Research shows that there are peculiar words that seem to interest almost every multi-marketing email markers and such words seems to be reduce the efficiency of marketers. In this article we shall discuss words that are being flagged by email service providers and ways to avoid those words. In the light of this Internet service providers created an algorithm that detects such words and this process is refers to as a spam filter. Spam filters have become much more sophisticated in email marketing today.

To start with, for every good email marketing content, the subject line must not attract any words that has any affinity for spamming and every good email marketer should always remember that if the email content is considered to be good enough to lead customers to proposed action, the subject line is the first call to action. Nonetheless, for every good email content the subject line for your email content can be one of the most stressful steps of Email Marketing. Often, every email user receive an average of about five to ten emails daily and as a matter of fact few mails are being engaged or click on or perhaps any action taken at all. The following questions should be properly satisfying before one presses the send button:

  1. Is the subject line engaging?
  2. Does the subject line summarizes the message?
  3. Is my content too long and boring?
  4. Will people click 'delete' when they open it? And last but not the least concerned question
  5. Will the email even get delivered to there mail, or will it trigger SPAM filters?. It's the last of these concerns that I am here to help you with today.

Nevertheless, there are numerous reasons why Spam Filters can be triggered by ISPs leading to nondelivery of your mail to your subscribers, instead it land straight in a box created for SPAM mails. The best means to avoid spamming trigger is ensuring that you do not use flagged words when sending your mail. This mean that you need to, therefore, carefully choose words that are used in the content of your email most especially the subject line, because it does not only call your recipients to action but also under go some testing from the email service provider to ensure that your mail is really worth delivering to inbox of their users. The said trigger words are the stumbling stones or reasons for failure of email marketing and greatly increase the chances of your mail being caught by Email service providers SPAM TRAP. Avoid these words and see the magic of getting ahead of subscribers and even the Email service providers. Below I am going to highlight common words to be avoided by all means by email marketers in different fields of marketing.

Email Spam Words to Avoid

Commerce: This segment of marketing tend to have a common relationship with other fields, and even marketers that send bulk email for multi marketing should watch out for. These words should not reflect in subject line or in the main content and should be avoided by all means possible. The words include but not limited to: Order status, order shipped by, Buy direct, Buy, Clearance, Shopper. Etc.

Personal: When you write on a topic that interests recipients, email marketer should try to avoid words that are nagging or that can make individuals uncomfortable. Thus, you should try to avoid such words as: meet singles, fuck, dig up dirt on friends, scores with babes etc. and some others words that you count annoying, depending on individual differences.

Employment: Yes, this sector seem to catch an average email user's attention as it is one of the major benefits of email as a medium of passing info in today's digital age. Nevertheless, because of fraudulent acts and some other factors email has proven incapable of filling the gap of mail courier and that it cannot be trusted by its users. In the light of this, the efficiency of email has drastically reduced especially in the sector of employment or business offer . Therefore when you broadcast mail in this niche try to avoid the following words : additional income, be your own boss, compete for your business, double your income, earn $, earn extra cash, make money, wrok from home, potential earning, expect to earn and lots more. if one really want to mail to get beyond SPAM TRAP, you must avoid these general words by all means possible and all related words.

Finance: Since the aim of marketing is to make sales, thus this sectore i general to all email marketerand as such all marketers ned to be carefulin the use of words like: money, loans, income, investment, ear, discount, cost claims, collect cash, cash bonus, affordable, lowest price, $$$, bargain, big bucks, credit, compare rates, money backs, why pay more, and all other thousands words that flocks millions of users email through out the world.

Medical: This sector also cover a good percentage of email being sent and received on a daily basis. So what does a good content in this niche need to look like in the tab of a recipent? Truth be told, it does not really matter, but the mail must convincing enough to push the reader to take action. Hence, in doing this some common words are out there that genuine marketers should avoid. Such words include: lose weight, cure badlness, diagnostics, human groth hormone, life insurance, wieght loss, Viagra, stop snoring Vicodin etc.

Numbers: This might seem irrelevant and unimportant but numbers and special characters form the base of spamming for even good and carefully crafted emails. Words such as these should be avoided: 100% free, #1, 100% satisfied, Billion , One hundred percent guaranteed, join millions, etc

Offers: All email marketer tend to offer their subscribers some benefits from their goods and services they are introducing to their audience. Nevertheless, you need to be extra careful to avoid these words because they are the major words that enter spam traps provided by email service providers. They include : guaranteed, deal, call, billing address, mail in order form, name brand, giving away, gift certificate, name brand, no experience, no catch, no purchase, off shore , no selling no gimmicks no claim forms, won, claim your prize and several numerous words.