Spam Phrases to Avoid as a Marketer

In drafting emails, marketers have to take extra caution so as to ensure their mails are not delivered as spam. When carrying out such a marketing exercise, the team sends bulk mails frequently to customers and potential customers as well as leads with the aim of advertising their business and products but there are some words that make emails regarded as spam and therefore may not make such mails count; thereby reducing the chance of making estimated sales and conversions.

Below are some spam words to to avoid when drafting your mails:

1. Multi-level Marketing

This is the practice whereby most enterprise employ people to market their product i.e to move around here and there with the aim of selling a product to someone and then make the person suggest the product to another person (this term is clearly different from multi-channel marketing which is a strategy that is fast growing). Although this language and practice is legitimate but it is in most cases like the pyramid scheme which should as much as possible be avoided. Even when trying to search for multi-level marketing, it shows up a result that one will question. It therefore makes sense that when drafting such mails, words like this should be avoided.

2. Increase sales

Is it even possible to draft an email for a large number of clients by a business to business marketing team and not include the words “increase sales”​? The fact is that almost all of them use the phrase and that is why it is always triggered as spam although the phrase may eventually be included in the mail but there are ways of its inclusion i.e. do not use it in the subject line otherwise, it will look spammy.

3. Web Traffic

Although increasing the web traffic of a business on the internet is a must if the business is to boom but including the words “web traffic” in the subject line would seem illegitimate especially when the source is not known. As important as words are in drafting a mail to draw traffic and eventually convert it into sales, most illegitimate emails contains this words and even abuse the use. So try to avoid the usage or use it professionally.

4. Online Biz Opportunity

The usage of shortened words in a drafting a mail is not too good an idea although it may seem convenient but not professional and should be avoided as much as possible. The sound of the word “biz” even sound spammy to anyone who listens to it not to talk of someone who has been on the internet for long; people will not even check such a mail. Please avoid it.

5. While You Sleep

Most people knows that the usage of the phrase “while you sleep” is an exaggeration and may be too good to be true, yet it is constantly used in drafting mails. Try to avoid the usage of this phrase in your mail so as to make the mail more realistic to the targeted audience.

6. Free Consultation

Is there anything like free in this present world? If you will agree with me that even if there is free consultation, there will be a catch attached to it at the long run. Please avoid the usage of such phrase in the subject line of the mail so that it may not be regarded as spam.

7. Once in a Lifetime

Exaggerating a marketing campaign to the extent of including the phrase “once in a life time” in drafting a mail will make it look spammy. So, try to avoid using it in the subject line because it is a phrase that is not true and may make the mail look illegitimate.

8. As Seen On Television

“As seen on” simply implies that the product has been displayed or advertised somewhere before. This is not too good a marketing strategy because the strategy will not look genuine and may in turn make the product or service look cheap and unreliable. So, try to avoid using the phrase in drafting an email so that it will not look junky and end being a spam mail.

9. Call Now

This will need a customer to put a phone call through to purchase the product. As much as this sounds better than “As seen on tv”, it is also associated with bad and worthless products. Before now, this call to action may have been a hit but now, customers know better and want better than to reach out to a company via phone call. Most people prefer to reach out via email and social media rather than picking up a mobile phone to reach out to a company. The “call now” CTA is a red flag for customers as this will be termed scam almost instantly.

On a final note, always make sure that your email contains little or none of the words written here. This will ensure that your email is not red flagged. The words enumerated here are mainly used by spammers and scammer to prey on people and swindle their cash from them. Care must be taken by a professional email marketer not to fall prey of these words turning his/her email into a trash and or a spam in the end. Try as hard as you can to keep your customers in good faith always. Get valuable products to promote and be sure to promote in a sane way and never spam your customers.

Everyone online is careful these days not to end up in the hand of scammers. An email marketer must try never to turn himself into a spammer in anyway as this will lower reputation or kill it forever. When customers trust you, they will stay with you for almost a lifetime. A life’s worth of work is what marketer online put into writing their email every time a campaign is sent out, losing such enormous work into trash can is painful and dragging your reputation in the mud of spammer or scammer will hurt more.